Our previous blog post, written by my associate Tim Tyson, encouraged all of us to approach the Christmas season with an attitude of generosity. Well, Christmas of 2018 has come and gone. I hope you were able to both practice and graciously receive generosity.

As I reflect on this season, and the past year, my mind goes to another important attribute – gratitude! Gratitude comes from a heart that is full of thankfulness and a deep sense of appreciation. My mind races through so many personal things that demand my gratitude – my personal faith, my wife and family, good health, and meaningful friendships, just to name a few. I have so much for which to be grateful.

But I also must express my gratitude for many wonderful blessings in my “work life.” It is important to me to recognize several of these as well:

  • Our team at Master’s – I have the privilege of coming to the office each day and working alongside eight of my friends, all of us aiming for the same goal and pulling in the same direction. How cool is that? Our team has never been more cohesive and unified.
  • Being part of a great partner group – Lyle and I have been “in the trenches” together for 25 years. We’ve had the privilege of growing and shaping Master’s Advisors from inception, all the while seeking God’s hand of direction and blessing. Several years ago Garry joined our team, and we knew very quickly that he would become our “next generation” partner, leading Master’s into the “next chapter”. His skill set and talents brought elements to our partner group that were needed. Together the three of us share a passion to continue growing an exceptional financial planning firm to serve you long into the future.
  • You, our clients and friends – Last, but not least; what a privilege to have developed many meaningful relationships and friendships with so many of you over the years. We enjoy the times we spend together and remain fully committed to never taking your trust and confidence in us for granted. You are the reason our business exists, and we will strive to serve you well. Thank you for your loyalty and for being an integral part of Master’s!

As 2018 closes and the New Year dawns, why not take some time to make a list of things that bring you a deep sense of thankfulness and gratitude? Review it periodically, and re-charge your attitude of gratitude.

From the team at Master’s, we wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous and gratitude-filled New Year!