It’s probably no secret that the majority of my office mates are deep into sports.  I tend not to share their passion.  I just don’t get it.  But then, they don’t quite understand my obsession for the fiber arts.

So when the Bracket for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (I actually Googled that so I had it correct – that’s how much I am not into sports!), I uttered this silent groan.  Too many games.  Too many unknown colleges.  What is a Gonzaga?  How could I possibly make an informed decision when I knew so little?

In what I considered a flash of brilliance, I cut up my bracket into four sections and handed those sections out to four office “experts” for their opinion on those early games involving colleges I know nothing about.  Surely, I would be well on my way to making an informed decision on my final four selections if I had a solid start.

I ended up winning the pool.  The team approach paid off – literally.

Anything can be complex and daunting if you don’t have the drive and passion to live and breathe it every day, regardless if that is the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, quilting, or financial planning.

The team at Master’s understands that financial planning can be a complex topic for many people.  There are fears about not knowing if wise investment decisions have been made, or if sound retirement preparations are in place, or how to address family conversations about financial matters.  It takes a team to get the ball down the court and it takes a team to make informed decisions based on a client’s needs.

I am privileged to sit in on Strategy and Design meetings where client situations are presented by the lead advisor and discussed.  Multiple advisors lend their voices, experience and individual expertise to the conversations, with the goal of building a solid plan for the client.  This unique team approach is what Master’s Advisors believes to be the best planning resource available to those who need help with the blanks on their financial bracket.