On December 5th, Master’s held our annual Christmas event. As usual, we had great food at the Eden Resort, beautiful Christmas music from Madeline Bender and a powerful message from Brian Black. As I received many compliments on behalf of those who made the event so special, it was a conversation that happened before the event that stuck out to me.

I was talking to a couple I know well, and they remarked that they were sorry they could not attend the Christmas event this year due to commitments they had that day. When I mentioned that Madeline Bender would be singing, their disappointment grew even more, and when I mentioned that Brian Black was speaking, they said, “O, well we have to go now!” They both cleared their schedules for the 5th and thoroughly enjoyed the program.

Both Madeline and Brian were surrounded by a certain expectation, and it made me think, are we living up to the hype at Master’s? One of our catch-phrases at the office is to “exceed our client’s expectations.” We do not want to deliver the service that our clients expect, but we want to go above and beyond the hype that surrounds us. We are continually striving to look for opportunities to surprise our clients with service that goes well beyond their anticipations.

It is also important to keep in mind the hype that surrounds us as individuals. We need to constantly be searching for the attributes we want those close to us to see. Whether it is being a loving spouse, a diligent worker or a godly example to those around us, it takes commitment and intentionality to live out these attributes in our everyday lives. In a time of failing New Year’s resolutions and the drag of a cold winter, I want to encourage us all to find ways to exceed the expectations of our friends, families and co-workers. I hope we all use every day as a new opportunity to live up to the hype.