This was the buzz phrase as we cleaned out our storage area in preparation for our recent office reconfiguration. It was clear that we needed to get rid of (or chuck) some unused or outdated items, but we wanted to be purposeful in how we accomplished that goal. How could we prevent our unwanted items from filling up a landfill? Well, we recycled outdated electronics and old marketing materials, we donated old coffee mugs, and we piled the rest of the stuff in the hallway and offered it free to other employees in the building.

In addition, it may be of interest to you to know that when the City of Lancaster rehabbed an unused fire station into a Recycling Center in January 2013, Master’s began to purposefully recycle its outdated product material, magazines, catalogs, daily newspapers and cardboard – items that normally would have found a final home in the landfill. I drive by that Recycling Center on my daily commute and usually check out their sign. They regularly update the number of tons that have been sold for recycling…kind of like McDonald’s did for number of meals served. So far, they have recycled over 800 tons! That’s a lot of “purposeful chucking,” which ultimately means welcome income for the city, one less landfill in someone’s backyard and a second life for materials that were once used and tossed.

All this serves as a reminder of our 5th Annual Shred-It Party! It’s your turn to join in the purposeful recycling effort by gathering your confidential papers that need to be shredded in a safe and secure manner. The Shred-It truck will be in the office parking lot on Friday, May 20th, from 10:00 – 11:00 am. Please call our office if you have not already received a mailing with all the details on this event.  As in years past, those who participate get a sweet surprise!