At Master’s we get together once a month and discuss a few chapters from a book that we have been collectively reading. It’s a chance to gain insight and best practices from what we read. We recently finished the book, The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham. It is rare that a leadership book has so much information in it that is encouraging, inspiring and convicting.

Here are a few impactful concepts that influenced me personally and professionally:

  • Billy Graham’s leadership journey was life long and was forged by an intense resolve and humility.
  • “Billy was genuine. He was himself. He didn’t hedge. He was clear, direct, and focused on what the Bible said,” said, Allan Emery, Weaton College classmate of Graham’s.
  • Billy’s willingness to allow others to succeed may be his greatest lasting impact.
  • “To remain humble, teachable, and gracious amid success and in the face of sometimes bitter opposition and criticism is the mark of true virtue. And to remain loyal to God’s call while exposed as consistently as Graham has been to all the world’s power and glory, well, “tis the mark of a Great Soul,” journalist, David Aikman.

I realize that our ultimate example is Christ and that no man is without fault. But as I journey through life as a leader, father, husband and friend, I will try and apply to my own life as much as I can from what I learned from the life of Billy Graham. So, who are the mentors in your life? Who are the guiding lights that are a source of inspiration and accountability that draw you closer to Christ?