When I think of habits, I generally think of the bad ones: failing to exercise, not eating right, watching too many sports highlights instead of being productive around the house to name a few. However, habits can do just as much good as they can bad if we focus on the right things. A recent study estimated that 40% of our day is habit-driven, highlighting the importance of developing healthy and productive habits.

Master’s has grown throughout the years, moving from a “startup” company to a corporation serving hundreds of wonderful clients. As we continue to grow, our habits have had to change in order to improve our business. Although changing habits has been difficult, these new habits have proved to be extremely powerful over time.

Here are some of the habits that we practice regularly today:

  • An Investment Review Committee (IRC) meets once a month to analyze our investment strategy. This brings relevance, adaptability and consistency to our clients’ investments.
  • A defined service structure gives clients a clear understanding of the services we provide them and the cost of those services.
  • A pod structure brings clarity to the roles each team member plays in serving clients on a daily basis.
  • A Management Team meets twice a month and leads the strategic planning process and oversight of the business, providing consistent innovation, improvement and growth to the firm.

Hopefully, these habits have impacted you in a positive way since they were all adopted to improve your experience at Master’s. If there are any new habits you think we should consider, we would enjoy hearing about those as well! Thank you for your continued trust and partnership with us; we do not take it lightly.