Since my initial interview for a position with Master’s Advisors, there has been a purposeful focus on building relationships with our clients. It’s woven into who we are as a company.

Though the years, I’ve witnessed advisors recall minute details of a client’s situation, financial plan or life circumstances. Truthfully, I’ve always been envious of such memory recall. However, I’ve come to the realization that, while memory recall is certainly to be admired, it is often easy to remember things that have happened to someone that you respect, care about and with whom you have a relationship. A relationship where open conversation is shared with trust.

Earlier this year I made the decision to have bi-lateral total knee replacement surgery, which ultimately took place in August. Recuperation was a whole new experience for me. For instance, I totally misjudged my physical ability to extricate myself from the recliner. I was totally unprepared for how difficult it would be to sleep in my own bed in the first weeks following surgery. I was shocked by the mental fortitude it took to spend extended time in a small apartment, sometimes not seeing another human face for days.

Despite the challenges, there were awesome moments during my recuperation. I called friends from years past and asked them to drive me to rehab appointments. What fun to re-establish those relationships! I enjoyed home-cooked meals from family and friends. I allowed my 91-year old neighbor to be my laundress and I must say it was a treat to have my clothes come back to me all neatly folded. And I applaud the physical therapists who are dedicated to getting me back in a good relationship with my new knees.

However, the most awesome moment during my recovery was the day the mail arrived with envelope after envelope from Master’s clients filled with personal notes of prayers, encouragement, support, and hope for speedy recovery. What a holy gift you gave to me at a time when my spirits were drooping just a bit!

You’ve made me realize that the relationships with our clients are indeed a two-way street. May I say, for me and for all of us here at Master’s, thank you for valuing your relationships with us. It’s woven into who you are.