Master’s Advisors has recently begun a new, exciting tradition. Known as “On the Business” or “OTB,” for short, it is a week each calendar quarter that is dedicated time for the Master’s team to:
• focus on learning new technology and improving existing systems and procedures to enhance our service to our clients,
• hold discussions on improving the client experience here at Master’s,
• work on business projects within our company’s Strategic Plan that are meant to continually move Master’s in a forward direction, and
• grow as a team that is dedicated to a client-centered culture.

OTB has afforded me a few hours of dedicated, uninterrupted time to clean out and organize my desk drawers. Somehow, paperwork seems to accumulate in volume if it is left unattended. I have found the team discussions energizing and insightful, a way for all of us to know that we are pulling in the same direction for one purpose – our clients. Also, getting out of the office for a team lunch to celebrate “Taco Tuesday” is a treat for sure.

Feel free to visit and ‘Like’ Master’s Advisor’s Facebook page. There you will find photos of the team-building experience we had at “Painting with a Twist” in Centerville. It was truly a fun afternoon for us to laugh and play together. Rest assured – our talents lie solidly in the world of finance. None of us aspires to a new career as an artist.

Could OTB work in your life? Could it be a good thing to take dedicated, uninterrupted time to work on the business things in your family that just never seem to get done? When was the last time you reviewed your legal docs to be sure that they are current? How long have you wanted to do an inventory of the valuable items in your home? I’m sure you could create your own list of items that would benefit from some undivided attention.