Our Process

Annual Planning Rhythm

Financial planning is a process, not an event. Our process is built to be delivered on a calendar year basis, ensuring that your entire financial life is in order and in alignment.

1st Quarter: Strategic Goal Planning

We review your values, establishing your framework for making financial decisions. We then review your goals and the progress that you made towards them in the prior year, hopefully checking a few off the list! From there, we establish goals for the year ahead. This gives us a map to follow for the rest of the year with established check-in points along the way.

2nd Quarter: Cash Flow Projections, Net Worth Tracking, Investment Review

We update your retirement projections to evaluate your progress towards financial independence. We then review your overall net worth and assess the progress you have made during the past year and also since starting your financial planning journey with us. Last, we review your investments to ensure they are properly benchmarked to your goals and aligned with our academically based investment philosophy. 

3rd Quarter: Risk Management

It is not as exciting, but we also need to play defense, making sure that proper risk management is in place alongside your goals. We first review your liquidity position so that any large purchases or high-impact events are properly accounted for. Next, we review your insurance portfolio and benchmark it against the potential risks you could face. Last, we review your distribution plan, ensuring that your assets will be distributed efficiently in the manner you intend at death.

4th Quarter: Generosity and Tax Management

In the final quarter of the year, we review your giving goals for the year to maximize your impact on the people and charities you care about. Intentional generosity is a key to living in continual contentment. Finally, we review your anticipated tax projections for the year and employ any saving strategies applicable to you. We also review your strategic plan for the year to help you complete your calendar year goals.

Investment Management

Sound investing principles are easy to understand but difficult to execute on a consistent basis. Our human tendencies and emotions work against us when making investment decisions. Our investment management philosophies are well founded in academic research and require a patient, consistent investor to be successful. We believe that in partnering together and following a disciplined approach, we give you the best chance to overcome common behavioral mistakes to which many investors fall victim.

A Long-Term Lens

We invest for the long-term. Market timing is a game of luck, while long-term investing is a proven and prudent strategy.


A Focus on Factors

We focus on three academically-supported factors in equity investing: profitability, size and price. This means we will invest in companies that make more money over those who make less, smaller companies over larger companies and less expensive companies over more expensive ones. In fixed income we focus on term and credit, dynamically adjusting based on the interest rate curve.

A Benchmark For You

Your only benchmark when assessing your investments should be your goals, not an arbitrary slice of the market, or worse, your neighbors, friends or co-workers!

An Efficient Process

We aim to keep costs low, minimize trading and employ an active rebalancing process in our portfolios.

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