“A young man applied for a job as a farmhand. When the old farmer asked for his qualifications, he replied with confidence “I can sleep when the wind blows.” The statement puzzled the farmer, but he liked the young man nevertheless and hired him.

A few days later, the old farmer and his wife were rudely awakened in the night by a violent storm. They quickly began to check things out to see if all was secure. They found that the shutters of the farmhouse had been securely fastened. A good supply of logs had been set next to the fireplace. The farm tools had been placed neatly in the storage shed, safe from the elements. The tractor had been moved into the garage. The barn was properly locked. Even the animals were calm. The young man slept soundly. All was well. The farmer then understood the meaning of the young man’s words, “I can sleep when the wind blows.”

Because the farmhand did his work loyally and faithfully when the skies were clear, he was prepared for the storm when it broke loose. So when the wind blew, he was fearless. He slept in peace.” -Author Unknown

I enjoy this story for two reasons: 1.) I grew up on a dairy farm in Lawn, PA, southern Lebanon County and can appreciate the multiple responsibilities of the farmhand. 2.) I believe this story illustrates a wonderful example of good stewardship and the benefits that come along with being faithful with what you’ve been given responsibility for.

We are all stewards. We are continually accountable for how we manage our time, words, behaviors, relationships, material possessions, employment, etc. I plan to spend some time thinking about two questions, and I invite you to do the same:
• What in my life could I change to be a better steward?
• What action will I take that will please the One to whom I am accountable and also enable me to enjoy the benefits of a job well done?

Like the farmhand, I hope you, too, are able to sleep when the wind blows.