When I was in school, I dedicated much of my time to the sport of wrestling. Wrestling is a demanding sport. It’s a one-on-one match between two individuals where there’s constant positioning to gain and maintain control through an ongoing series of transitions, attacks and counterattacks.

The experience of this ancient sport can be likened to the journey of life; an ongoing series of transitions. Some transitions are ones we initiate, so we plan, maneuver, and execute to gain our desired outcome. These can be exciting and a source of joy when a transition happens as planned. Other transitions are either unanticipated or unwelcomed and may cause discomfort and disappointment. Most people tend to respond to these types of transitions with a counterattack to stop, reverse, or sometimes to capitalize on the transition.

This season of life has provided a few transitions for my family. Our oldest son has just graduated from high school and is preparing to head off to college in the fall. Our oldest daughter is learning to drive, and she will have her driver’s license and additional freedom in the near future, if all goes as planned. My mother recently sold her home, and we helped her move to live with one of my siblings.

Perhaps you have just been through a transition, are in the middle of one, or you see one on the horizon. Unlike wrestling, life’s transitions should not be faced alone. Let us know what you are currently experiencing or anticipating, and we will do our best to help you respond to the circumstances you are facing. It is an honor to walk with you and plan for your needs as you experience the various types life transitions.