The dictionary defines apt as “appropriate or suitable in the circumstance.”  When apt is used to describe our speech, it carries a tone of understanding, care, and forethought.  At Master’s, our conversations, both advice and service related, are intended to be in the best interest of the hearer.

The team members at Master’s strive to communicate clearly and effectively during conversations related to your personal financial situation.  When we understand your unique personal circumstances, we can then encourage habits and decisions that will benefit you, or we can promptly address operational issues that need to be resolved.

The month of May marks the end of the school year for many and the start of summer.  On a traditional letter grade scale of “A” through “F”, how would you grade your conversations with Master’s over the past year as it relates to receiving an apt word?  Please feel free to include a comment to help us understand what contributed to the grade.

To make an apt answer is a joy to a man, and a word in season, how good it is! Proverbs 15:23