Is it just me, or has all the noise coming out of Washington become increasingly frustrating? How can anything good be accomplished when individuals are bent on pursuing their individual, or party-specific interests at any cost! One side seems driven by hatred and revenge, while the other side resorts to name-calling and ill-advised tweets. Both sides have done their part to severely damage the reputation of good leadership.

Where have all the great leaders gone? Where are the servant leaders who believe in leading by values such as: unswerving integrity, serving the people, and a commitment to work together toward the “common good?”

As  I reflected on this issue, my thoughts shifted. What about me; what about you? Are we leading well? Some of us provide leadership to businesses, churches, or community organizations. All of us are called to lead in our homes and families. Let’s make sure we are pursuing “leading well.” We have timeless biblical principles at our disposal, such as The Golden Rule, or placing other’s interests ahead of our own. Let’s set the tone for true servant leadership at the personal level while we hope and pray it comes to the national level as well.