From the expansive windows in our office, I can see the trees beginning to make the shift into their Fall wardrobe.  Another Summer season has come and gone and a new season is before us.

I see this shift to a new season happening for my Mother as well.  Her husband (my father) died this past July after 66 years of marriage.  She is now facing a move to downsize to a one-bedroom apartment.  This will be the first home that she will move into on her own.  These are major changes in her life.

Add to that the fact that she once again needs to say goodbye to many of her possessions that hold dear memories for her.  However, she is seeing this as a new adventure.  A chance to declutter so that her possessions match her lifestyle and to then simply enjoy quiet times with neighbors and friends…much like those trees that will soon divest themselves of their foliage and chill for a season.

For everything there is a season.  Make the most of your season.