This past weekend, our family and friends enjoyed the celebration of our son’s wedding. We are so excited for Colton & Hannah and look forward to watching God’s plan for their lives unfold.

With the passing of this grand event, Colleen and I have officially entered the “empty nest” phase of life. Wow! How did that sneak up on us?

Over the last several decades, I’ve often told clients that this should be one of the most productive stages of life. The obligations of raising a family, education expenses, and paying for weddings are in the rear-view mirror, while income is often peaking. What a great season to significantly impact retirement planning and readiness.

As I’ve been reflecting on this new season, it seemed important to establish a few personal goals. I’d like to share them with you:

• I want to be a good steward and do my best to be well-prepared financially for the future seasons of our lives.

• I want to practice generosity and contentment, thus avoiding the dangerous disease of materialism.

• I want to be a listening ear and a source of wisdom (especially when our adult children ask for advice).

• I want this time to be “the best years yet” for Colleen and me.

• Finally, I want to finish strong; living out my faith with integrity and consistency.

Last week’s blog, written by Tim, reminded us that we need each other for life’s transitions. For those of you who achieved the empty nest phase before we did, what advice do you have for Colleen and me? We can learn and be encouraged by the experiences you share with us.