Have you ever considered how amazing it is that we have been given the ability to see past the present and consider what might happen in the future? Expectation is an important aspect of our minds that allows us to anticipate the future. We make decisions and plan as we prepare for future events. Often the bigger the expectation, the more it occupies our time and affects how we live in the present. Preparing for the future is what we do here at Master’s, but the season we are entering is not only about financial expectation and preparation. This week marks the beginning of the Advent season.

With Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror, our attention turns toward preparation for the Christmas season. There are many expectations and much anticipation that occupy our minds this time of year. Many activities and relationships call for our attention, such as coordinating time to gather with family and friends for holiday activities, deciding what meaningful gifts to give our loved ones, and then finding the time to shop or make the gifts we plan to give, just to name a few.

Advent is a season of celebration, expectation, and preparation. We celebrate Jesus’ first coming, when God’s Son was born. We wait expectantly for His Second Coming and prepare for that event now and throughout each coming day. Amidst the activities of this season, let’s reserve time to reflect and consider how the events of Jesus’ birth and His future return impact our daily lives. May this Christmas season be a rich and meaningful time for you and your family.