On a recent Saturday with some strong encouragement from my wife, we cleaned out a bunch of stuff from our crawl space storage area. While I was working in this infrequently visited area, I noticed that one of the walls was damp.

After consulting with a construction contractor about how to remedy the problem, I was reminded again that water always flows to the place of least resistance. This property of water is akin to a human tendency known as the herd mentality.

People with the herd mentality naturally follow the crowd around them while often ignoring their own feelings or preferences. If you have any doubt about the reality of the herd mentality, think of beanie babies, cabbage patch dolls, the dot com bubble, and more recently, fidget spinners.

When you are in the middle of the herd, it’s almost impossible to avoid joining the stampede. So, what can you do to counter the herd mentality?

• Have a plan that considers your personal goals, values and preferences.
• Consult an advisor or personal mentor who will provide an outside perspective.
• Develop strong habits and routines that avoid impulse decision making.

When working with the team at Master’s, you have all the tools you need to create a herd resistant mentality.

What stories do you have about when you got caught up in the herd or when you avoided the herd mentality?