The latest craze with some of my friends is this idea of 40 Bags for Lent. You may have of heard of it: empty your home of clutter by filling a bag each day of Lent and either donating or tossing what you can do without. I tried this a few years ago, only I chose to organize/clean an area, drawer or cupboard each day. That lasted about one week before my apartment was filled with piles of stuff that should have been on its way out the door, but it never happened. I ended up putting most of it back in its place.

I’m a sentimental person. I’m also a practical person. I might need that stuff someday. Getting rid of stuff is just not easy for me.

I’m now helping my mother go through her stuff as she considers downsizing yet again. What to do with their 50th anniversary cards? What to do with 60 years of photos? What to do with all her fabric? More importantly, can I cram all her stuff in my apartment?

The original purpose of this blog was to remind everyone of the upcoming Master’s Shred Event on Tuesday, May 21st, 10:00 am till 11:00 am. It was supposed to be a gentle reminder that you have a few weeks to clean out your nooks and crannies and rid yourself of excess paper. However, I’m now thinking that maybe you have some good ideas to share for how I can tackle my issue of getting rid of stuff before I become episode #923 on the Hoarders show.

Share those ideas with me now or when you come to the Shred Event!