GARRY: So Lyle, today we want to talk a little bit about maybe a new concept for some of our clients. Its a concept called the Alignment Model. And the Alignment Model is a way of thinking about the financial decisions we made and making sure that they are consistent with what’s most important to us or a particular client situation. And one of the exercises that we learned through the alignment model is this “thinking, feeling, doing” exercise, and you have some reason observations about how that might be helpful to us especially given the time that were in right now
LYLE: Yeah, I have found it quite fascinating as I have talked to people in the last few weeks or month or so. I’m finding people just reacting very differently to what’s going on. People coming from similar worlds views and similar faith perspectives, but some people are very settled about this and are almost relaxed, enjoying it maybe. And I’m finding other people that are frustrated, and annoyed, and maybe even on the verge of being angry. And so, it’s like – I think emotions are going to certainly drive the way we treat others, the kind of decisions we make, and I think it’s important to think about these emotions and what drives them.
GARRY: And Lyle, what’s really interesting is we’re all wired the same way. Some of us may be more predisposed to having our emotions lead our actions, but all our brains are wired to react with emotions first and logic second. And so this exercise, the “thinking, feeling, doing,” is designed to help us recognize our emotions and get those out, so that we can make good decisions that are consistent with the people that we want to be. And the “thinking, feeling, doing” should lead us to making more consistent decisions as far as it relates to what’s most important to us. Have you seen some of that play out? Maybe in how you have thought through the current situation, or other situations, or with talking with others.
LYLE: Yeah I mean, I think a couple examples of people who just seem to be really settled, that they’re thinking about positive things that they’re not in a good place. And it’s leading to a lifestyle right now that’s really full actually! And I can really tell just from these conversations that I’m having, that people are actually finding ways to enjoy this; which it seems very counter to what you would think would be happening right now.
GARRY: That’s great Lyle I’ve seen the same thing and it has been so uplifting to see a lot of that going on and encouraging. And I really do believe, as I know you do too, that taking the time maybe to just practice this exercise; this is a great time to do that. There’s a lot of emotion going around while we’re in this unsettled time and we want to encourage everyone listening to this today and watching this to try this exercise. And when you feel the emotions bubbling up, recognize that, think about what am I thinking right now recognize that emotion, and then ask what you’re doing about it. And make sure that your action is consistent with what’s most important to you and the way you want to treat people and react to these types of situations. So give that a try and let us know how it goes. and as we go through the series, we’re going to talk a little more about the Alignment Model and why we believe it will help you make better decisions- specifically in your financial life, but hopefully over all as well.