Recently, the team at Master’s had another OTB week. An OTB (On the Business) week means that we take a pause from our normal business activities to focus on team building, specific internal projects, and brainstorming on how to enhance our advice, service, and client relationships.

During that week we watched a video promoting the idea of treating each client as a welcomed and honored guest. One of our team members made a very interesting point. She felt that our clients are more like family members than welcomed guests.

I really liked her perspective. Family relationships are usually very transparent and authentic. We laugh together, cry together, and simply “do life” together.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the following question:

When you think of your relationship with Master’s, do you feel like a welcomed and honored guest, or do you feel more like “family”?

There’s no right or wrong response, and we highly value your opinion. Please share it with us – we’re listening.