Last week, a friend brought the latest craze in the quilting world – Proverbial Quilts – to my attention. Proverbial quilts are inspired by early “talking” quilts which were often quotes from Scripture. However, some early quilt artists used words to touch on politics and the social issues of their day. I was intrigued.
I learned that the first step in creating a Proverbial Quilt is to discover a gathering of words that speaks to what you want to leave out there for the world to hear. Next comes the physical gathering of fabrics, then time to play artist and let color build the quilt. And during that process, mourn the grief, the anger, the worries and celebrate the joys and gratitude that are lived through the process of creating a quilt that spells out in words, what is on your heart.
If you know me, you know I have already added a Proverbial Quilt to my list of projects. And I have started thinking about what I want to say.
What would you say on your Proverbial Quilt? Would it be encouragement or wisdom learned? Thought provoking or humorous? Would you declare your stance on a current issue, reflect on your life as you have sheltered in place, or would your words be a favorite quote?
You don’t have to be a quilter to see your creation in your mind’s eye. When you see it, share it with me. I would love to read your words.