What’s the point of being successful anyway? Weren’t we always told that we need to get good grades in school, so we could get a good job, so we could save enough money, so we could have a nice retirement?

And isn’t a nice retirement what we all really want?

I recently met with a client who was staring retirement in the face. After many years of hard work building a business from the ground up, he had the opportunity to sell his business for an attractive sum of money. He said to me “I’m not settled on what my purpose is beyond this transaction.”

He nailed it for me. Financial success is only success if it contributes to our God-designed purpose.

If our primary focus in life is to obtain money and possessions, it will be difficult for us to see beyond our selfish desires; however, if our focus in life is to pursue our designed purpose, money will be a tool to help us fulfill that purpose.

What specific ways are you using your financial resources to pursue your designed purpose?