It’s hard to believe we are approaching the holiday season, and the celebration of Thanksgiving is just days away. Where has this year gone? I truly enjoy this season and all this particular holiday represents, as giving thanks and expressing gratitude take “center stage”.

It only seems appropriate to use this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to each of you, our Master’s clients and friends. Simply put, our business couldn’t exist without you. We deeply appreciate the confidence you have placed in our team. We will not take that for granted. In fact, we consider it a privilege, even a sacred trust, to serve you with our very best financial planning advice. Thank you for your trust, friendship and allowing us to “do life” with you.

From all of us on the team at Master’s –

We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving season filled with thankfulness, gratitude, and treasured moments shared with family and friends.


It’s my opinion that gratitude should be added to the list of spiritual disciplines. Gratitude is not meant to be left to spontaneous moments. It has a short half-life and ages quickly. When we feel content with our lives, it is easy to forget that what we have is not of ourselves; it is all from the Father.  (Ken Boa)