Every year we have a special thank you dinner for those clients that have referred a potential client to us, regardless of if that referral becomes a client or not. It is an enjoyable evening of fellowship and thanks to those willing to share with others how we might benefit a potential client.

At recent gatherings clients have been able to make new friends and share everything from great hunting and vacation spots to excellent back surgeons. The conversations are relaxed and engaging. It’s a great time and fun to watch people interact.

It is a privilege to serve our clients financial needs. It becomes even more enjoyable when they allow us into their lives. And when our clients feel so comfortable with each other that they make connections beyond the financial, that’s icing on the cake.

The evening is a great reminder to me of the value of relationships and how important it is to keep my head up and eyes open to the opportunities that God gives me to connect with others. Whether it is sharing or receiving a good idea or advice, encouraging, or just simply listening, connecting is life giving. I encourage you to find those opportunities to connect with those that God puts in your path this year. You might never know the impact you will have on others, but it will surely bless your life.