Several weeks ago our family enjoyed a great week of vacation in the beautiful Smoky Mountains, near Pigeon Forge, TN. During vacations such as this we like to incorporate some adventure activity. Several years ago we went bungee-jumping in Canada. This time we decided to go ziplining.  After researching, Legacy Mountain Ziplines provided the highest, fastest and longest lines in the region. Seven different ziplines up to 450 feet high, one individual line was a 1/2 mile in length, and speeds up to 50 mph. We had found the one for us. As our daughter Christie said, “Let’s go big or go home”. Obviously we had to trust that our guides, our harnesses and equipment would keep us safe during this adventure.

During one of the launches, one of our guides caught our daughter Courtney visually checking his hook-up. When she was ready to launch at the next line he said, ” Honey, if you’re ever going to trust a man, today, it’s me.” With that he lifted up his sunglasses so she could see his eyes were closed.  He then did her hook-up with his eyes remaining closed the whole time.  He then opened his eyes, smiled, and said, “Go”! Her eyes were big, but she exercised trust and took off. After riding several lines, Colton and his sisters started hanging upside down in their harnesses for additional thrill.  We had a blast!

It reminded me of the importance of trust in relationships. As your financial advisors, we greatly appreciate and respect your trust. Our planning relationships go to greater depths when trust is at the center of the equation.  Please know that we will never take your trust for granted. It is a high privilege that is first earned, then cultivated on an ongoing basis. And unlike our comedic zipline guide, we’ll promise to keep our eyes open at all times.